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I'd like to select "none" on the process connection on a temperature transmitter, but this option is not available. Why do I have to select the thermocouple or -2/3- wired..something when it comes to the temperature transmitter alone?
Last Updated a year ago

If you look at the data sheets for temperature sensors you will see that each sensor has 3 columns of connection types, i.e. Thermocouple, RTD 2/3-wire, and RTD 4-wire. Depending on the temperature sensing element, the appropriate failure rate for the sensor is selected. Hence without knowing the type of sensing element (process connection) it is not possible to select the appropriate failure rates. Therefore the process connection for temperature measurements is mandatory. If despite the need to measure the actual temperature with a sensing element, you still want to select "None", you can define a user defined process connection with low failure rates and specify the type of temperature interface to ensure applicable sensor failure rate selection.

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