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I have followed the instruction to create a user defined logic solver but I still have issues that I can’t a simple device such as a trip amplifier because I can’t define any data for the channels for a device such as this. It appears that I have to also
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You can define failure rates for channels but you don't need to. Select the channels to define what the input to the trip amp is and what the output is, (e.g. 1 analogue input, 1 digital output). Without all three parts defined for a SIF, SILver will not calculate an overall achieved SIL level.
If you want to include the trip amp with the sensor leg (typically this is what I would do), you need to define a separate logic solver. This could be just the "wire" that connects trip amp to a solenoid for example. What you should do is create a user defined logic solver with the failure rates of a wire.

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