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When I go to C:\Program Files (x86)\exida\exSILentia 4‚Äč (the default install location), I see two files: exida.lopadb and generic.lopadb, but both have the size of 1kB with today's date. I doubt they are not the correct database. For reasons that I do not
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There are 3 databases in total, exida, Generic, and Project.
The Generic Database is supposed to start empty and is a database of all the Protection Layers/Enabling Conditions/etc. that you define yourself. The Generic Database can be used in all projects on your computer.
The Project database meanwhile is a database that can only be used in the project that you created it in, hence why there is no "project.lopadb" in the folder location where the LopaDB's are stored.
As for the exida database, you aren't supposed to be able to modify it, that's why everything is read only in it, and why you can't populate it with new records.

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