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I have just upgraded to 4.0 and noticed SILver sets my target RRF to 1. Please how do I set the target RRF in version 4.0 using SILver alone (without completing LOPA/Select etc.), such that the target RRF is reflected in the auto generated Detailed SILver
Last Updated a year ago

To do this in the v4 SILver module, first add a SIF.
Right click on the top level of the SIF in the navigation tree, and select View. This will open the Safeguard library view, which shows analysis information on the left and design information on the right. At the bottom of the analysis side you can see the spot for Required RRF and SIL. Once it is filled in here it will show up on the top banner in the SILver module. This could already be filled in if LOPA or SILect was used before SIL Verification.
You can also do this directly in the Safeguard Library.

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