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We have a conceptual design where we would like to model 9 “output groups”. For each of the 9 output groups, we would like to include a 1oo2 valve assembly (identical), i.e., redundant valve assemblies (including 1oo2 solenoid valves on each valve, the ac
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In your case for the 9 outputs, I suggest you select a single final element group with a 9oo9 voting. Then for each leg within the voting create a User Defined component. This component will then represent the 1oo2 valve configuration. The equivalent failure rates of the 1oo2 valve configuration can be established as follows:
Create an intermediate SIF.
Set the Mission time to the proof test interval.
Set the demand mode to high.
Model the 1oo2 valves.
The resulting PFH and MTTFS can be used to determine the equivalent failure rates: LambdaDU = PFH, LambdaSU = 1/ (MTTFS * 8760)

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