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How should I model "close riser ESD valve (1oo1) and either well SSV or SDV (1oo2) of 9 wells (9oo9)" using exSILentia? The configuration is written as follows: Close 2oo2 [1oo1 UZV & 9oo9 (1oo2 SSV or SDV)]‚Äč
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Start by modeling two final element groups. Voting between the groups is 2oo2. In group 1, model your 1oo1 valve. In group 2, model a 9oo9 configuration using the MooN option. For the device in the 9oo9 group, specify a user defined 1oo2 valve. Failure rates for the 1oo2 valve can be obtained by modeling the 1oo2 voting in a separate SIF. In the separate SIF, select one final element group, with voting within the group 1oo2. Select your equipment and specify the appropriate proof test interval. Set the mission time equal to the proof test interval, and set the demand mode to high. exSILentia will calculate a PFH and MTTFS. Use these in the "my own" window in the 9oo9 group to back calculate the failure rates.

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