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When I switch between the 2000/2010 application test methods and man/auto applications (and PVST) testing, the result changes. I would expect the manual in 2010 to provide the same result as manual/auto in 2000 mode. On the final element, enabling the par
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The "manual/automatic" option does not impact the 2000 result. The 2000 application test implementation purely looks at the 10x difference between proof test interval and stroke test interval. The PTC factor represents the failures that are not detected during normal operation but that can be revealed during a proof test. Assume that there are 100 FITs DU. When performing a partial test 50 FIT can be detected. When performing a full stroke 60 FIT can be detected. If you do not do any partial stroke testing and your proof test is doing the full stroke your proof test coverage is 60%. If you do partial stroke testing during normal operation and do a full stroke as part of your proof test your proof test coverage is 20% (only 10 additional failures out of 50 will be revealed by the full stroke proof test).

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