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We are looking at modelling a SIF that is activated upon low motor current to furnace fans. Would you be able to advise what sensors are available in exSILentia for measuring motor current, and would be suitable for this? We also have a SIF that trips the
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The only sensor that comes to mind is the Load Controls PMP 25 (if memory serves me right), this measures current. The device can be found under the sensor measurement "other" category.

Regarding the final element of the electric motor/pumps, you will have to determine what causes the pump to trip. If you cut power to the pump, then the final action is cutting that power. If you would have a trip signal going to the pump where we have a "smart" pump that will then interpret that signal and terminate pump action, than the actual pump and smarts are your final element. Typically you cut power and this is done by de-energizing a motor starter or opening a relay.

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