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I have a system where the logic solver is a set of relays. Can exSILentia be used for a system like this? When I configure the inputs there as 2oo3 there is no place to put the Relay that the three inputs are connecting to. Then the master relay has seven
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For a relay system, you typically do not have the "traditional" logic solver as the logic is done through the wiring of the relays. The relays tend to be part of the input and output "circuit" and not really serve as a logic solver.
So typically I would end up adding the relay to the sensor/final element legs as one of the input/output interface modules. Then the "logic solver" would be a simple wire (failure rates SU = 1e-9, DU = 1e-11).

In your case it sounds like you should include a relay with each of the sensor legs (select as input interface module) then for the logic solver specify a user defined device. In this case use the failure rates for your master relay.

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