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While performing SIL verification for MCC (Motor Control Center) trips e.g. Pumps, Blowers , Compressors, Heaters etc. within the final element group, what is the minimum information that needs to be included? For example, if we have an interposing relay
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When modeling a SIF, you need to include all equipment that is necessary to achieve the safe state. In your example the power-contactor is part of the SIF as it performs the final action. The data we have in our SERH database for the (generic) MCC's include this component.

I do not know of any manufacturer specific data that is applicable for the process industry. There are systems that have 3rd party papers but the use cases are machinery industry based with high frequency cycles. That data is looking at wearout mechanisms whereas in the process industry we tend to have very few state transitions, i.e. there are different failure mechanisms in place.

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