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I am using the online version of exSILentia, and have a large project (15mb) that takes almost an hour to load. How can I improve that?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The online version of exSILentia works MUCH faster at saving & loading projects if the project is stored on the server in your H drive. Essentially the reason for this is because exSILentia needs to do a lot of back and forth communication when opening or saving a project. When this communication has to be done over the Internet it greatly slows things down, even with a very fast Internet connection. Projects stored on the H drive by contrast don't need to send the same amount of communication so things go MUCH quicker.

We strongly recommend that you place a copy of your project on your H drive on our server to resolve your issue. The easiest way to do that is as follows:

1. Choose "Open Project.." from within the software.
2. Navigate to your file on your local drive, and then right click on it and select "Copy".
3. Navigate to the H drive on the server and then right click and select "Paste". 

This will be much quicker than opening your project and then doing a "Save As".

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