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When a colleague or I try to login, we are able to login but then get a blinking screen. We tried both IE and Chrome and got the same result.
Last Updated a year ago

This is a known issue that can sometimes happen within Citrix. Essentially, Citrix saves a session, so if you sign out of your account and then back in within a few minutes, you can continue right from where you left off, even if you didn't save your project. You should also be able to continue your session on another computer in another location if you log into the same account.
However there is an issue where at times the session can get corrupted in one way or another. A blinking blank screen as described is the result of a corrupted session, and this issue seems more prone to happen if one user logs into the account while another user is already using it.
The best way of fixing it is to have everyone sign out of the account for 20 or more minutes, so that the server will discard your corrupted session due to inactivity

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