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We have a dongle license for the ExSilentia software. The dongle is used by the colleague that needs to run the software. This means there is a risk that it gets lost of unavailable now and then. I was wondering: Would it be possible to facilitate this so
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You should be able to do those things with exSILentia 3. Here are the instructions for it. On the server (where the USB will be installed) - install the complete “Sentinel Protection Installer 7.5.0.exe”, from the SupportFiles folder, on the server machine.. Install the key and make sure it is detected the drivers are installed correctly. Take note of the IP address (if static) or machine name. Client Setup: - Take the included “sntlconfig.xml” and edit it with a text editor. Replace the text “[Server IP]” with the IP address of your server, or the server

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