exSILentia 3

Questions and answers for version 3 only.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the exSILentia Server software cover Failure Modes, Effects, and Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA) and/or Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)?  
  2. How do I model a Final Element with 2 solenoids (1oo2), and an actuator/valve combination (1oo1) in exSILentia online  
  3. How does exSILentia use the sensor selections 1oo2 vs 1oo2D or 1oo1 vs 1oo1D?  
  4. How is the exSILentia Online software kept up to date, and what maintenance fees apply?  
  5. How is the exSILentia Server software kept up to date, and what maintenance fees apply?  
  6. I have a rather complex configuration that is not in the list of voting architectures in exSILentia Online. How can I combine my data to generate the correct results?  
  7. I have some SIFs that are energize-to-trip. SILver states that it handles de-energize-to-trip functions only. How can I analyse the energize-to-trip functions using exSILentia?  
  8. Is there any way to store the Tag Names and other Logic Solver Specific data with the field equipment in exSILentia?  
  9. Many of my SIFs are actually based on the same Sensors or Final Elements. Right now, when I need to change one of these common Groups I have to change it in each of the SIFs that use it. Is there anyway to link these groups in exSILentia?  
  10. Our company has a two-phase approach to SIL target selection; first we use Risk Graph, and then we follow that with LOPA if any candidate SIFs are SIL 2 or higher. How can this be handled in exSILentia?  
  11. Over the course of a project, the reliability data in the Equipment Database may change. Is there a way in the reports to identify which version of the Equipment Data was used to generate the results in exSILentia?  
  12. The file size of the exSILentia reports becomes rather large when I include all SIFs of my project. Can you optimise the reports?  
  13. The standard proof test for our project changed from 6 months to 1 year. How can I change this is for all my SIFs in exSILentia?  
  14. We already have done the SIL assessment (SIL selection) and the only thing we want to do is the reliability calculations (SIL verification). Is there a way to do just that without using all tools integrated in exSILentia?  
  15. We are considering purchasing an exSILentia Server license. What is required in terms of IT infrastructure?  
  16. We have a dongle license for the ExSilentia software. The dongle is used by the colleague that needs to run the software. This means there is a risk that it gets lost of unavailable now and then. I was wondering: Would it be possible to facilitate this so  
  17. We have a SIF with SIL 2 on high demand. According to table 6 of 61511-1:2016, SIL 2 on continuous mode should have HFT 1, and we understand that this applies to high demand mode. However, according to our simulation the SIF complies with SIL 2 having onl  
  18. We use Hazard Matrix as our SIL Selection method; however, our Hazard Matrix methodology allows for Independent Protection Layers (IPLs) to be considered. Does exSILentia support this?  
  19. We use Risk Graph as our SIL Selection method; however, our Risk Graph methodology allows for Independent Protection Layers (IPLs) to be considered. Does exSILentia support this?  
  20. What can I do if we decided to switch from IEC 61511 to IEC 61508 architectural constraints after many SIFs are entered? Is there any way to update these selections for all SIFs in a project using exSILentia?  
  21. What kind of sensor, electronics, actuator, etc. components are listed in the exida SERH equipment database included with exSILentia?  
  22. What should I do if a component is not found in SILver's list of devices in exSILentia?  
  23. Why is a safety loop that has one manual Push button and one final valve not subject to SIL assessment in exSILentia?  
  24. With regards to the exSILentia product tool and the built-in equipment reliability database, does the exSILentia database contain all the equipment included in the SERH and all subsequent updates? Can a user add and store their own equipment?  
  25. With the exSILentia software, it is possible to consider high demand mode applications for a SIF? If yes how do I do this?  
  26. With the stand-alone version of exSILentia, how does the licensing work? I understand there is a USB key, but is it possible for several people in the same office to have the software installed on their individual PCs? We would only ever need one person a  

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