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I have some SIFs that are energize-to-trip. SILver states that it handles de-energize-to-trip functions only. How can I analyse the energize-to-trip functions using exSILentia?
Last Updated 4 months ago

The limitation of SILver to de-energize-to-trip functions is caused by the reliability data in the equipment database. To be more precise the reliability data for digital equipment. As an example a short on a switch would be considered dangerous in a de-energize-to-trip application whereas the shorting of the switch would initiate the safety function in an energize-to-trip application and therefore would be safe. Other than the reliability data there is virtually no difference in the reliability calculations, a 1oo2 configuration uses the same Markov model for energize-to-trip as for de-energize-to-trip. The main difference is the way the components will be connected in the process. You can model energize-to-trip functions; however you need to be careful when selecting equipment from the equipment database. You will notice more and more equipment listed with either a DTT or ETT identifier. exida recommends attending the 2-day advanced training in order to learn about this.

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