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I am trying to import an excel file into the SILAlarm database and then enforce all of the changes but it keeps crashing on me.
Last Updated 5 years ago

There may be some kind of an issue with the 'Classifications' column, causing a few of the alarms to report changes to a 'Classification #0' field, which isn't a valid Classification. Removing the 'Classifications' column will prevent this issue from occurring, and allow you to do the import as usual. If this issue reoccurs I'd suggest doing that.
Please create a ticket and attach the project file in question so that we can investigate further.
Also, FYI, both the Classifications & Classif # columns are not necessary in an import file. Both are auto-included by SILAlarm, but only 1 is needed for the import (since they're for the same data). If both are included then the 'Classifications' field is the one that gets imported, while the 'Classif #' columns get ignored.

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