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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can someone let me know the specific difference/s when using 'Priority' and 'Import Priority'?  
  2. How do I navigate to the Export Wizard settings?  
  3. I am trying to export a Basic Alarm Design with Export Filter ON. However Control System is not shown as per the User Guide.  
  4. I am trying to export the Setup Wizard Settings from the Sample Project but only Import Wizard Settings is available. I intend to Export the above if possible so I can open them in Excel, modify if necessary then Import.  
  5. I am trying to import an excel file into the SILAlarm database and then enforce all of the changes but it keeps crashing on me.  
  6. I am trying to use the Advanced Filter but the dialogue box does not have an OK button.  
  7. I am unable to select a Tag by using the radio buttons. In addition I do not see a close box.  
  8. I imported an Excel sheet that used 0-off, 1-on on EU limits for Discrete Alarms. The alarm list view showed 0-100 for EU limits but when I selected the tag it showed 0-1 respectively. The analogue alarm EU limits are fine but the Discrete Alarm EU limits  
  9. I received an installation CD for SILAlarm but my laptop has no CD-ROM drive. How can I install the software?  
  10. SILAlarm auto populates the EU, EU Low, and EU High for all Digital Alarms imported. Are these EU, EU Low, EU High "Required" even if it is Digital Alarm? how can I put N/A Or Blank on all Digital Alarms not Requiring EU and Limits?  
  11. System Exception: Error msg: Abort to constraint violation  
  12. When I try to start the program I get this error: License Error: 3:1 [SILAlarm license not found]; SILAlarm version 2.11 [Rev:5507 Build:2] . I tried rebooting the computer after installation of SILAlarm but no luck.  

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