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What should I do if a component is not found in SILver's list of devices in exSILentia?
Last Updated 4 months ago

There may be several reasons why an equipment item is not listed. 1. If the data is available, the equipment item may not be listed in the equipment database since the data did not meet exida's reasonability requirements. 2. exida may not be aware that data for a specific equipment item is available. Please let us know and we will add the device once we review the reliability data and confirm the data is adequate for use in functional safety calculations. Please contact exida at through the support website for more information. If reliability data is not available for a device, please contact the manufacturer and explain that his equipment is used in functional safety applications where reliability data is required to determine safety integrity level applicability. exida can help the manufacturer perform a Failure Modes, Effects, and Diagnostic Analysis to determine the reliability data for an equipment item. If you have reliability data that is proprietary you can use this data by selecting a "My Own" device and enter the data manually.

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