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I imported an Excel sheet that used 0-off, 1-on on EU limits for Discrete Alarms. The alarm list view showed 0-100 for EU limits but when I selected the tag it showed 0-1 respectively. The analogue alarm EU limits are fine but the Discrete Alarm EU limits
Last Updated 5 months ago

SILAlarm prevents users from setting their EU Low/High to 0 & 1 if it's a discrete alarm. This is to protect users from inadvertently changing the EU values in analogue alarms by mistake, if they decide to overwrite the '' values in the Discrete alarms with 0 & 1.
To get around this you can manually sort your alarms in the alarm list by the Analogue or Discrete columns to find all your discrete alarms. Or you can click the 'modify Alarm List Settings' button to bring up a window to let you hide the EU columns if they just get in the way.

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